Who Is Whitney Wisconsin? = amy lynn lew

Born in 1997, Amy Lynn Lew is actually the real name of the controversial viral internet star, Whitney Wisconsin.

You may have also read that she has multiple other online alias such as Wisconsin Bitch and Dog Humper.

After turning the age of 18, she moved out of her religious family home based in Wisconsin and got her own apartment to start a new life.

Whitney became the talk of the internet once she started uploading her sexual videos and pictures to content sharing websites, to try and make a name for herself and to get attention that she craves a lot.

Whitney Biography

What separated Whitney from the rest of the girls that was doing this type of video sharing, is that she would come up with bizarre ideas and create unique, crazy and viral videos.

The type of videos created by her, would contain acts that a lot of people would talk about and most would disagree with, such as one of her most viewed videos her explaining why girls should have sex with their dogs.

After uploading much of her content on various websites, it finally got picked up on reddit and that is where she would shoot to fame, with many of her videos and pictures going viral.

Gaining thousands of followers on her social media accounts and Snapchat, she realised there was a market for her type of work.

This lead Whitney to start offering to create custom content for those that paid, although there are many of her customers that complained they did not receive what they paid for, leading to even more controversy for Whitney.

Viral Fame and Internet Stardom

As Amy Lynn Lew was gaining more traction around the world for her unique style of sexual content, she decided to change her online persona to Whitney Wisconsin, and that is what she still goes by to this day.

The first ever video of Whitney’s that went viral was one where she was sat in a booth in a busy Mcdonald’s restaurant with customers eating and walking around, she then proceeded to pull out a dildo and pleasure herself under the table, while her friend was recording the whole thing.

You can hear customers and workers in the background, just going about their daily routine and being totally oblivious to what Wisconsin is doing under the table near them.

Whitney Wisconsin Dog Porn Video

You may be on this website because you have heard people talk about the famous dog porn video that Wisconsin produced.

This video went crazy viral for a whole range reasons and people, some calling her an absolute goddess for creating such content, the others calling for her to be arrested and jailed.

The full video can be found on the YouTube link below or on this post

It starts off with Whitney lying on her bed with the camera facing down between her legs, when she calls for her dog to come up and start licking her in the private areas.

You can hear Whitney moaning as the dog continues to do its thing before jumping off the bed and running out on the balcony, then the camera turns to see her smiling about what she had just experienced.

Whitney Wisconsin Dog

After facing intense backlash from her viral beastiality video and being branded Whitney Wisconsin The Dog Humper, she went ahead and posted a video on her YouTube channel giving 10 reasons why girls should have sex with their dogs.

Here are the reasons she gives to try and justify her actions:

  • Throughout the history of mankind, humans have been having sex with animals on a regular basis, which is documented.
  • A dogs tongue is different to that of a humans, making it easier to reach places that a normal tongue would not be able to reach.
  • Having sex with an animal or pet, it is impossible to get pregnant, making it much safer.
  • Animals do not carry contagious sexually transmitted diseases, so again, in her mind, this is much safer than having sex with a human.
  • Whitney claims that people have been having sex with animals since the beginning of time.
  • Although beastiality porn is illegal in a lot of states and countries, it is still legal in large parts of the world.
  • Whitney likes to be submissive, and she claims animals play a dominant role.
  • You can have sex with a dog whenever you like, its convenient any time of the day that you feel like it.
  • A dog cant complain or get on at you for no reason, making it more fun to not have to listen to them.
  • She claims that dogs are easy to train to make them give you what you want.
  • So there you have it, 10 reasons. Again, these are all from Whitneys point of view, not ours.

Loyal Fan Base and Controversial Videos

During the years of Whitneys stardom, she has received a lot of hate (quite rightly so) but make no mistake, she has certainly built up a huge loyal follower base that will stand up and support her in the face of haters.

Supporters and fans of Whitney are commenting every day on her content, asking to see more pictures and videos, or to just see how she is doing in life. They treat her as a friend and sometimes, as an idol.

That being said, the amount of controversial and wrong type of content she produces has lead to a lot of hate online and even in person,

Some people have even even called for her to be thrown in prison for animal abuse due to her videos about having oral sex with dogs.

It is very rare to see a video of Wisconsin that is the same as any other girl that is wanting fame through amateur pornography, almost all of her videos contain something that people will either love or hate her for.

With the amount of love and hate that Amy Lynn Lew receives online, it doesn’t take long for her new videos to go viral once she has posted them, which is a total win for her.

amy lynn lew and her fanbase

Whitney Wisconsin Porn Videos With A Twist

It really does not matter if you love or hate Whitney, it is quite clear that she does not really care, however, there is no denying that she knows how market herself and to get people talking about her, throwing herself in the spotlight every few months.

Her amateur porn/adult videos that she posts online always have a certain “twist” to them, making her talked about all over the internet.

She was even arrested in July 2017 for pornographic charges, along with her boyfriend and extradited for a video that she shot while in a mall where she asks unsuspecting customers to “smell her new perfume” on her hands, which was in-fact all the liquid from her vagina after masturbating.

The crazy and some might say disgusting video started with Whitney in the mall toilets, dressed in a sexy bunny outfit, masturbating while her friend is recording.

She is then seen walking up and down the market isles, where she tricks a number of customers into smelling her fingers.

Yes we know this video is truly sick and not fair on the people she tricked, but that is why Whitney is almost always in the spot light for her videos.

Amy lynn lew Takes A Picture For Fans

Showing Remorse and Apologises After Being Arrested

A couple of months after the arrest of Whitney and her boyfriend, she released a video where she is seen to apologise, and show remorse for the actions and acts that she has done in all of her videos, while of course, crying to her viewers for sympathy.

Many could see straight through the fake attempt at apologising for her actions, while others jumped for her support and offered a shoulder to cry on.

The video starts off with her crying to the camera, and stating that what she has done has been the worst decision of her life, and trying to justify it by saying she was only 18 years old and wanted people to like her.

Come on, there are better ways to make people like you than making videos about having sex with dogs, masturbating in public and pulling sexual pranks on unaware victims.

As the video goes on, she describes what its like to be her and to be known for the type of things she is known for, explaining that she has a part time job at Victoria Secret where she was later fired because a customer had seen her, and reported everything about her to her boss.

Some might say from this video that they feel sorry for Wisconsin, but other will say she got exactly what she deserves, and people calling her “Dog fucker” in public is less harmful that what she did to people.

Although she apologised in the video, she must have been low on cash or was getting more desperate for attention, because a few weeks after the apology video did the rounds on the internet, she was back to posting fresh and outrageous adult content.

Again, as you can see in the video, she has a lot of loyal fans that a lot of haters that clash in heated arguments about her.

Arrested Mug Shot

Where Is She and What Is She Doing Now?

The name “Whitney Wisconsin” might not be talked about as much as it used to be, but make no mistake she is always randomly showing up with a new video, pictures of vlog about what she has been up to.

The best place to keep up with Whitney is by following her on social media or on her YouTube channel where she tends to post to first (providing it is not one of her adult content videos).

Either way, no matter what type of content she next makes, we will make sure that we post it at whitneywisconsin.net first.