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Peluchin Entertainment
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This guy can offend big fans of cats by abusing them.

Gender: Male
Type: Literal animal abuser
Date Joined: September 11, 2014
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 56.4K

Betray me all you want. Still, i never cared about friends, friends are only a obstacle and exist to take advantage of them. I have never cried and never cared about anyone, I say this becuase the assholes that keep saying yourfriends betray u.

– Peluchin Entertainment

Peluchin Entertainment is an 16-year-old Chilean gaming YouTuber and former plushie YouTuber with about +35,288 subscribers and joined YouTube on September 11, 2014. He has become notorious for his videos displaying animal abuse towards cats.


Why He Should Be Put In A Mental Asylum

  1. In December 2018, he sent videos depicting him abusing cats to Super Wario Man. The most notorious video showed him throwing, kicking, stomping on, pulling the tail of, dragging, and using a wooden spoon to beat his grey tabby cat, Jason Krueger, to the point of paralysis. Jason died shortly afterward, and Matías then got two new cats just to abuse them. In another one of his videos, he tossed one of his new kittens into a toilet bowl with feces in it and laughed while it tried to get out, right after his video discussing the adoption of the two cats and the attempt at covering up Jason’s death. Thankfully, the kittens were saved by an acquaintance of Matías before more abuse could be inflicted. Then, the videos were leaked on LiveLeak, and then it was almost over for Matías. The police are currently investigating Matías for the videos.
    • Additionally, one of his older deleted videos showed him shoving a can of cat food into Jason’s face. When people criticized the video for containing animal abuse, he made fun of the detractors.
    • The reason why he made a cat abuse video is because he didn’t get enough views from his FNAF Let’s Play videos, showing that he abused his cat just for views and fame. However some say it was for revenge against a troll he hates. For more information, see Point #24.
  2. Despite many people complaining to YouTube about his actions, YouTube said that the video had been taken down by their team and has not done anything further as of yet. It seems like repeated animal abuse and torture isn’t enough to get terminated yet making fun of a shooter is.
  3. He tried to pass off his cat, Jason’s death as an accident in his latest video. This was proven to be a lie when the abuse videos were leaked.
  4. He is incredibly delusional, as his channel description reads “Lo único lo que importa, es que soy un Dios.”, which roughly translates to “The one thing that matters, is that I am a god.”
  5. Even his earlier videos from when he was a plushie YouTuber had traces of disturbing/violent content in them. One video featured a Mike Wazowski plush choking a Goofy plush simply for not eating his food.
  6. After he stopped making plushie videos, there was a brief time where he made comic videos. Aside from also having violent content, the videos were crudely made and consisted of SCP-173 killing Po from The Teletubbies (usually with a giant spoon).
  7. Some of his more recent videos focus on drama, with some of them calling out other users.
  8. According to Neck’s comment on TheQuartering’s video on Peluchin, he abuses his 9-year-old stepbrother. He also apparently domestically abuses his parents (and possibly his whole family) as well.
  9. He has reportedly sexually harassed people online and female classmates.
  10. He’s basically Logan Paul of 2019, but he purposely abused his own cat for laughs and then lied about it rather than apologize. At least Logan Paul tried to solve it with a terrible apology video, but Peluchin almost seems to be proud of the controversy.
  11. He also attempted to murder his 8-year old cousin by strangling him.
  12. He tried to justify the abuse videos by saying that he had Asperger’s Syndrome (which can give autistic people a very bad name), but he is closer to being psychopathic. On top of that, he showed no regret for what he did to Jason Krueger or the kitten that was thrown into the toilet.
    • Speaking of the video that justified the abuse videos, the person who wrote the English subtitles was against Peluchin. We’re not kidding. We dare you to watch that video with English subtitles on.
  13. On his Twitter, he claimed that he killed even more off-camera.
  14. He cannot take the slightest criticism that he tweeted “Son todos unas perras resentidas, es solo un puto gato.”, which translates to “You are all just a bunch of resentful bitches, it’s just a fucking cat”, meaning that he gives no value to animal lives.
  15. As stated from the quote above, he believes that having friends are nothing but an obstacle and exist to take advantage of them further implying that he’s a psychopath.
  16. Despite the sheer negative reaction that his actions towards his cats, he has unfortunately seemed to have inspired the actions of a few copycats such as ツspider-YT and LORDKINO 08.
  17. According to Stracof Zero in March 2019, he bought new cats, again.
  18. He laughs over gore videos. That even made him a cruel and immature person.
  19. He has reportedly masturbated during one of his livestreams.
  20. He used to add too many unnecessary edits of images, way to often, as he trying hard to be funny.
  21. In November 2018, he once had a flame war with Super Wario Wan/Waluishi, who was a troll to him, and made a video about Waluishi, five times. According to comment section, Peluchin is the one who started it claiming that he couldn’t handle trolls, immaturely, and threw xenophobic words at him. After a pointless debates, they once again argued each other on Whatsapp and then Peluchin sent a video of him murdering Jason. Because of this, Walusishi was (assuming) horrified and had to share Peluchin’s worst action on Hispachan (Spanish 4chan version) being the first person to create a highly controversy to the worldwide, showing Peluchin’s true color.
    • One the side note, Waluishi was 27-years old, who was way older than Peluchin himself.
  22. One year later (December 2019), he went back online, however started making videos this year.
  23. He has reportedly been torturing snails in some of his recent videos.


  • Due to the strict policies in Chile, he wasn’t executed, this indicates that he is still alive.
  • As of January 2019, his channel got hacked, and he got back online.
  • He created another account to circumvent the hack, it was called “Akatsukito”, but it got banned, he then created yet another channel called “Akatsukito oficial [sic]”.
  • He is a fan of both the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street slasher horror film franchises, he even made videos of his unboxing a replica of Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask and Freddy Krueger’s clawed glove.


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  • How is it fair that Mumkey Jones got terminated just for edgy jokes and making fun of a shooter while Peluchin only got a slap on the face for commiting actual animal abuse?!


NOTE: Because of the graphic and upsetting content of the animal abuse videos and the likelihood of them violating Miraheze’s rules, we will not be providing direct links to them.


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