(ə-fĕnd′) v. of·fend·ed, of·fend·ing, of·fends v.tr. 1. To cause displeasure, anger, resentment, or wounded feelings in: We were offended by his tasteless jokes. 2. To be displeasing or disagreeable to: Onions offend my sense of smell. v.intr. 1. To result in displeasure: Bad manners may offend. 2. a. To violateContinue Reading

Person Status Submission Year 2015 Origin American Tags trollbait, girl, stream raid, elrusosupremo Additional References Facebook Instagram Reddit Twitter Urban Dictionary Brittany Venti is a video game streamer of American origin, known for the consistent raids on her stream. Her stream name is consistent with her love for Starbucks, withContinue Reading

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byJulian_Pope| created – 23 Jul 2014 | updated – 04 Oct 2018 |Public Jackie Chan has become a legend in the world of martial arts. He essentially created his own patented style of fighting using wild stunts and maneuvers as well as environments and props to his advantage, helping himContinue Reading

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